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PP and Moonpie are just a young couple living a sedate life in London until their whole universe is disrupted when an unexpected friend appears.

Before they know it they are whisked off to a strange parallel land called Feptopia, where the queen is a little eccentric and there's some pretty bad stuff going down with a neighboring country called Reality. Needless to say chaos, bravery and silliness ensues, but you'll have to keep reading to find out what happens exactly.

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Thursday, 15 April 2010

boom boom-yuki at a squat party

this is a prequel image to the last few strips showing yuki(you now all know her name) dancing at the party before she see's the not cat speaking creature

the last few days have been less emotionally turbulent, have realized that head melodrama does not make you happy it just makes you all shaky and boo hooey, i like my current life......

now i'm going to go away and think about whats going to happen in next weeks strips, have a souper weekend!

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