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PP and Moonpie are just a young couple living a sedate life in London until their whole universe is disrupted when an unexpected friend appears.

Before they know it they are whisked off to a strange parallel land called Feptopia, where the queen is a little eccentric and there's some pretty bad stuff going down with a neighboring country called Reality. Needless to say chaos, bravery and silliness ensues, but you'll have to keep reading to find out what happens exactly.

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Monday, 19 April 2010

hammy hands and one bad man

hello my good people!

how is everybody tonight, as promised theres a touch more story today, but i don't think pp will be in the real world for very much longer, her days about to get even stranger........


  1. looking good..like the guys pleading expression at the end. by the way, you have missed a bit of colouring in the first pannel, yuki's hand and leg, thought i'd should point it out jsut incase it is a mistake =]

  2. right, not gonna change it now as i feel the mistakes are organic to the piece but will be more careful before i publish it next time


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