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PP and Moonpie are just a young couple living a sedate life in London until their whole universe is disrupted when an unexpected friend appears.

Before they know it they are whisked off to a strange parallel land called Feptopia, where the queen is a little eccentric and there's some pretty bad stuff going down with a neighboring country called Reality. Needless to say chaos, bravery and silliness ensues, but you'll have to keep reading to find out what happens exactly.

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

for anyone that follows the comic

i am very sorry its not up yet, last night got back from liverpool and just spaced so this morning i decided that you'll just get a double one tomorrow night instead, i did absolutely no drawing over the weekend as i was catching up with my very talented sister and her equally talented boyfriend, managed to totally loose my mind so i've just been re calibrating over the last couple of days, also the comic is going to take a more intense direction so i've been preparing myself, once they get to feptopia there will be bigger more cinematic moments going on

i'm sorry for the wait, believe me its going to be regular like clockwork for the next few weeks just to get back to a schedule as i know its been flicking about recently!

hope eveyone had a great weekend


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